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Four Financial Gurus You Need to Know

I never thought that I would be turning to social media for financial advice, but I did and found a treasure trove of BIPOC creators who are incredibly helpful in educating and providing unique services to help anyone change their financial present to meet the dreams they have for their financial future. 


The Organized Money was an account I stumbled upon on YouTube one evening when I was fed up with my current budgeting app.  If you prefer a paper planner, The Organized Money is a perfect match.  She takes you through her planning systems while helping you to enact new and improved financial habits.   



If you have some lofty goals for your money with a no BS margin, check out Melody Wright of @brokeonpurposeShe has a no BS approach to getting you where you want to go, financially.  I love that she normalizes acknowledging and honoring the monetary boundaries you have set in your life so that you can live your best life without being embarrassed that you can’t buy a round like a Rockstar.   



Marsha Barnes of the Finance Bar is one of my favorite accounts to frequent.  As a Certified Financial Social Worker, Barnes has insight into financial problems that go deeper than your bottom line.  Money is deeply personal and incredibly emotional.  If your finance journey has frequently been stunted by unknown issues, start here. 



If you need financial inspiration on your journey, look no further than @clevergirlfinance.  Their content is inspirational, motivational, and incredibly beautiful.  They offer mentorship services that will meet you where you are on your journey and their blog posts speak to more than just financial education to pinpoint the skills needed to financially adept.