As soon as the weather turns a bit crisp… or a little less humid, the pumpkin spice fandom descends upon the world.  While I am a huge fan of the PS craze every year, I am trying to branch out

There is just no better way to start a meal then to know what the dessert options are. Yes, the appetizers are a decent start and the entrée is delicious I’m sure, but it doesn’t compare to the surgery goodness

There really nothing like a good margarita on a . . .any day really. Its a simple refreshing drink that's a favorite for some many weekenders and has withstood the test of time.

Epoch coffee 78703 Livin up your Insta with a cool design on your latte, and maybe get a sweet pastry to go along with it. The Downtown location is quiet and well lit, it makes a perfect place to escape and

We love Austin for its fun times, life music, amazing outdoor activities and of course the abundance of food eateries in the city. There are new spots popping up all the time