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Best Austin Fall Foods to try

As soon as the weather turns a bit crisp… or a little less humid, the pumpkin spice fandom descends upon the world.  While I am a huge fan of the PS craze every year, I am trying to branch out and really experience the change our food can take when a new season arrives.  Here are my favorite new fall menu items around Austin.

Kerby Lane Café for the classic Pumpkin Pancakes

Have you been looking forward to the pumpkin and gingerbread pancakes all year?  Then go here.  You will find all the expected iterations of fall flavors reimagined for the discerning sweet tooth.

Austin Beer Works for Black Thunder Lager

ABW has always been one of my favorite breweries, however, when I first tasted Black Thunder, I knew that I would be back if it was released again next year. Black thunder has the warm, heavier mouthfeel that you want in the winter while still remaining a refreshing, well-balanced beer.

Dai Due for Salchichon de Valentin

Dai Due has been one of my favorite food purveyors since they were only a stand at the downtown farmer’s market.  Their Salchichon de Valentin may sound unfamiliar, however, the flavors will make you feel right at home.  Smoked Nilgai antelope sausage and fermented red cabbage collide for a balanced and warming meal.

Rosedale Kitchen and Bar for a Pumpkin Pie Daiquiri

There is no better time to be ridiculously indulgent when it comes to adult beverages.  Rosedale has an amazing, comforting fall menu full of modern twists on classic dishes like their Pan Roasted Salmon with sweet potato noodles and their Pumpkin Pie Daiquiri. 

Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches for the Pumpkin Sweet Cheese Kolaches

Let’s start with the obvious, kolaches, in general, are amazing.  So, when I found out about these pumpkin kolaches, I mentally prepared myself for never fitting back into my clothing and went for it.  Batch is primarily a brewery, however, they have just opened back up their kolache making side of the business and we could not be happier.  Get. You. Some.

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