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Our Fav Black Owned Eateries

There is no shortage of great places to eat while in Austin. However, we wanted to spotlight some places that are not only delicious but minority owned. Getting fed while also supporting a locally owned black restaurant sounds like a win to me, so be sure to tell us your thoughts. 

Bird Bird biscuit

The perfect buttery, flakey biscuit with a twist. You can order a basic biscuit and gravy or jam or add a chicken breast, chicken sausage, Chipotle mayo, or basil pesto. Don’t forget to add on a sweet tea or iced coffee. Although the menu isn’t long, it has a lot of options to fill up your belly and get your biscuit fix!


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Hoover’s kitchen

Hoover’s strives to bring together the melting pot of cultures who make up Austin. My personal favorite is the Chicken fried Chicken and mac and cheese. Their mac and cheese is delicious, creamy, and homemade. Hoover’s passion is food and it definitely shows. If it’s your first time you might want to try their Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla, followed by the Jamaican Jerk Ribs, and paired with a variety of sides ranging from Okra to Caribbean Rice. If you aren’t big on meat, they do have a Greenhouse menu.


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Sam’s BBQ

Everything is better in Texas, especially our BBQ.  Of course, this place has all your traditional BBQ needs, but you might want to try Sam’s Salsa chicken. They also have a sampler plate that has brisker, ribs, and Italian sausage just to name a few! BBQ wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have Potato salad, Cole slaw, or beans on the side. Their menu is quite extensive and they are right in downtown Austin.


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Sometimes you just want a really good burger. Which is what you will get at Burgerlicious. If you are in Austin swing by for a burger and a beer. Shroom with fries sounds delicious. But if mushrooms aren’t calling your name feel free to try the Greek seasoned Burger or a Harold burger that’s stacked with onion rings. This place is locating right in Central East Austin. Just a heads up, they are a food truck, so they do tend to sale out from time to time.


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Wasota Vegan Paradise

This little food truck is not only black owned, but Vegan! It’s west Africa and Nigerian inspired. They have a Veggie Burger, Black eyed peas, spinach, and Fried plantain plate, they even have a Vegan Platter. You can pair your entrée with a Ginger Beer, coconut water, or Pineapple Ginger Juice. This gem is located at Kenny Durham’s Backyard. This Vegan Paradise is about 15 minutes from Downtown Austin on 51st street.


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