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The Best Take-Out in Austin According to Instagram

Can we officially dub 2020 the Year of Takeout?  During a time when binge watching has become a way of life rather than a pastime, I think it is imperative that we know the best places to get some grand nosh for long-term watch parties.  I have scouted some of my favorite Austin food Instagrammers to find out where they get grub to go.

@thefoodtwinz \\ Las Trancas Taco Stand

Listen, tacos were always going to top this list, okay?  When in Austin, there are so many taco choices.  There are the homegrown chain standbys like Torchy’s and Taco Deli, but sometimes you want that authentic, fast, and easy meal.  Enter the tacos from Las Trancas Taco Stand.  Just choose your meat and pick-up your foil-wrapped delicacy and you are good to go.

@foodloops_tx \\ Bird Bird Biscuit

When I am fully couching my potato, I typically want comfort food.  Nothing is more comforting that a biscuit.  Bird Bird Biscuit’s new Firebird Sandwich is everything you want in a meal: spicy chicken fried to perfection, a pillowy biscuit with just a touch of crisp on the edges.  Even the pickles are exceptional here.

@austinfoodstagram \\ Picnik Austin

The essential Austin experience demands that all diets are served equitably.  You will find no place better to order for a diet-diverse crowd than Picnik Austin.  They have everything from brunch and party punches (spiked of course) to curried lentils and fried chicken.  The range is amazing given all the diets they are able to accommodate.  Gluten-free, Paleo, Keto, AIP, Soy and Peanut-free and more are all welcome here.

@keepaustineatin \\ Lucy’s Fried Chicken

Keep Austin Eatin’ is one of my favorite Insta’s for quick food inspiration because of their fantastic foodie lists so when they posted about an Austin standby that was forgotten to me, I knew it would be my next stop on my day off.  Great fried chicken, wonderful sides, and great drinks.  Y’all, get you some.

@texasfoodgawker \\ Swedish Hill

If there is one thing I miss, it is slow mornings at a downtown bistro/bakery combo soaking up the sunshine and having a ridiculously Gatsby-level brunch.  To me, that will always be bagels and lox.  Pack this up to go and I will do my best to replicate the feeling on my balcony at home.

@foodieisthenewforty \\ Haru Sushi

I am not sure when I started considering sushi a comfort food, but y’all, it has all the required carbs and umami flavors to leave me feeling satisfied.  I love exploring new flavors and exotic fish I have not yet tasted.  Haru’s takeout with fix you up with the best new experience, right on your couch.

@atx_bites \\ The Backspace Anderson Lane

This list would not be complete without a pizza place.  There is no food more familiar than the HG pizza and salad combo, except you will not want to skip out on this salad as it is just as good as the dough.  This pizza is the perfect balance of punchy flavor and airy-crisp dough.