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Quarantine Mental check

During this time, it’s easy to get flustered especially if you are juggling working from home while homeschooling or even if you just have little ones running around. I know It gets difficult for me some days as well. However, I have some tips that can help! They do the trick for me so hopefully they can help you too. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed there are a few things I like to do to decompress.

  1. Go for a walk outside or just sit and listen to the birds for a bit
  2. Close my eyes and mediate for a few minutes
  3. Take a hot shower
  4. Grab an iced coffee
  5. Listen to my favorite song

In this time, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves not just physically but mentally and emotionally. We are away from loved ones, we have missed out on vacations, graduations’, and eating out or shopping. People assume self -care is going out for a night alone or spending money on yourself but it can be a few small moments a day that have a big impact on your mental health.