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The Best Unexpected Gifts

It is like a curse when you need to give a gift, but you are stumped as to what you should get.  During the year, I feel like I can think of one million things to give to anyone, but as soon as the occasion arrives, I have no idea where all of those ideas went.  I made a go-to list of things that work for any gender and any interest for the ultimate, always on time gift giving.

Weighted Blanket // Weighted blankets can be found in most places and range in cost from $25 to over $300 depending on how luxurious you want your recipient to feel.  The best thing about these blankets is that they reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and promote overall well-being.  This equates to better sleep, lower stress responses, and an increased ability to experience positive emotions or safety.  That is one heck of a gift.

Warmies // I know these look crazy, but these are weighted microwaveable slippers.  This is wonderful for the colder months when you need some light stress relief or warm toes.  I am a person who holds a lot of stress in my lower body and these have been amazing for helping me relax.

BOTM Subscription // It is no secret that I am a huge reader, so receiving a subscription to one of the best Book of The Month clubs ever was so fun!  Readers get a selection of five books and can even add additional books every month that are cheaper than Amazon prices.

Bokksu Box Subscription // For all those adventure eaters out there who have had it all the Bokksu box is the perfect gift.  Every month they will get a selection of interesting and new flavors or familiar and comforting ones.  This was a great treat for the culinary adventurists in my life who wanted a new experience.

Bed Tray // I know this can seem boring, but no one knows why they should have one until they get one.  These are perfect for surprise breakfasts in bed, working from bed, or just eliminating the need for a bedside table in a small bedroom.fruits on plate

Gardening and Gathering Bag // I love this one from Barebones.  So many people are avid gardeners and even for those who aren’t, they can use this bag for holding their goods during a farmer’s market run.

Temperature Controlled Mug // Whether you are a coffee, tea, decaf, or matcha drinker, this mug does what you which all of your mugs would do, keep your drink warm.  Even in Texas, during the winter your warm drink can get cold fast, this helps with that and nixes the multiple runs to the microwave.

Kintsugi Kit // I recently had a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery break when a hurricane came through my area.  I was gutted.  I kept the small and large shards in a box on my nightstand for two months as I couldn’t bear to part with the pottery but could not think of a way to repair it that would result in something just as beautiful.  I remember the Japanese idea of Wabi-Sabi and found this Kintsugi Kit online.  It was the perfect solution and I found that many people break potter intentionally to make these Kintsugi pieces.

Fragrance Samplers // My favorite version of this is from Sephora.  You get a selection of perfume or cologne samplers and a gift card for a full-size bottle when you choose the fragrance you would like.  There are also fragrance subscription services and other indie brands that offer a sampler as well.  This is a great way to get your recipient something that will love without stressing over your ability to divine their preferences.

Food Delivery Gift Card // Doordash, Grubhub, or Uber eats.  Whatever is in their area that they would like to use, this is the best gift. You give your loved one the ability to sate their appetite sans pants.  You will win the best gift every time.

Top Tip: Use Pinterest or a note-keeping app throughout the year to record gift ideas, that way you will not be at a loss when the time comes to choose a gift!